CMS knows the impact Air-conditioning systems have on the environment, whether it be from the potential release of ozone depleting refrigerant gases or the production of the energy needed to manufacture and run our air-conditioning systems.

As a company, we have vowed to, at the very least, start on the road to becoming a carbon neutral company.

This process is a costly one and will require us to change the way our company is run and structured, but we understand the importance of providing a sustainable future for our kids and our kids kids, and with your help we will hopefully be able to start the trend of producing a more carbon conscious industry.

We have come up with a strategy to help start offset the carbon that our company produces as well as help our customers offset the potential carbon that their systems may generate by planting 1 tree per kilowatt of air conditioner installed.

We understand that this strategy is only a small step in the battle to becoming carbon neutral but we believe every bit helps.

If you’d like to help further, please dont hesitate to contact our team


What Clients Say

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