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Well here it is, Canberra Mechanical Services first blog post.

I will use this time to introduce our team, give you a little insight into our company and explain what we are set out to achieve. We believe transparency is a big thing and we are willing to open up to all that want to hear our story. Before we start though, I would like to thank you for even reading this far. It means more than you could imagine!

Please be patient! Although we kick ass at thermal management, writing blog posts is a first. If you can manage to stay on and follow us through our journey I promise I will get better at this writing stuff.

So here goes.. My name is Chris. I’m one of two directors of Canberra Mechanical Services, or CMS as we call it. A mission to educate the Canberra community has brought us here today, in front of a computer, learning the basics of typing again.

I’m an electrician by trade, which basically means I get roped into fixed my friends and family’s electrical with the added bonus of doing it for love. Although unlike a general “sparky”, I was lucky enough to spend my entire working career in HVAC industry. Firstly in domestic installations, then I made the move to the building automation game with a company I regard still to this day as the best controls companies Australia has to offer.

I truly believe that this company forged me into the person I am today. They opened up my eyes to HVAC and showed me that only thing that can hold you back is yourself. They led me in the direction that I needed to go, and whilst it was not always a smooth road, I always knew that they would be there for me! I like to think that I treat my employees with the same respect and professionalism as they did to me.

I was thrown around a bit at Delta Building Automation; first in install, then to service, then over to commissioning and engineering. I was given the opportunity to see the industry from every aspect, taking away a specialized skillset with each transition.

Enough about me though.

I will try to describe my older brother Mick, my right-hand man in the company, as best I can. He is the guy that pushes the company to where it needs to be. He always looks for a challenge and regards himself as ‘Canberra HVAC Installer of the Century’ (ask him – he’ll tell you). All jokes aside though, still to this day I haven’t seen anyone do the things he does, it’s like HVAC art and needs to be seen to be believed. He also carries this special trait that pushes everyone around him to reach for the stars. When he’s on site installing, shit is going to get real!

A sheet metal worker and refrigeration mechanic (“fridgy”) by trade, there is not much he can’t do when it comes to thermal management. Mick can transform metal in anyway he needs, from metal ducting to condenser supporting frames – he’s got it covered!

We have a younger brother who is also incorporated into our master plan, although not directly employed by CMS, our companies ride side by side. Nathan, who is a carpenter by trade, owns a company named Concept Shading Solutions. They are experts in window coverings; indoor to outdoor, verticals to plantation shutters, he knows what’s up! Some of you might ask what window covering have to to with air-conditioners. I can assure you, as you continue to delve into this blog, you will be able to make sense of the relationship. Don’t forget, CMS is a thermal management company; air-conditioning alone is not at our core!

Mick and I are young in age compared to our industry competitors. Canberra is blessed with a lot of well established air-conditioning companies, although we feel we have the passion for technology that Canberra HVAC needs. A lot of our competitors are doing things the ways they have done for years, and whilst not exactly a bad thing, we feel that their reluctance to change and adapt with technology will leave a wide open gap in the industry. Our mission is to fill this gap and provide only the most energy efficient and technologically advanced system we can.

Continue on with this blog and I will try my hardest to provide the most accurate information I can.

Once again, we thank you for getting this far.


Chris Wilson

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