QR codes, what the!!


If you don’t know what QR codes are, either ask your kids (they use them every day in school) or give us a call. These little boxes full of squiggles are on their way to changing the way we do things in the world!

You would have seen them everywhere and we are all inquisitive enough to scan them to see what they do (or is it just me?). They are on food packaging, on flyers and brochures, and on your air-conditioner… Yes, I said on your air-con! Well, on your CMS installed (or serviced) aircon at least.

CMS endeavors to not only provide our customers with the most up to date and technologically advanced products, but we also know how important it is to help our customers, or any HVAC owner in fact, understand their system and their responsibility as a HVAC owner. It happens too often to ignore and I honestly worry that I haven’t provided my customers with all the information they require to get the most out of their machines.

I put it down to a few factors:

  1. Owners or tenants inherit a system (it was installed before they moved in). They turn it on, it works, happy days. But they’ve never been shown the ins and the outs of their systems.
  2. Forgetfulness. An owner or tenant just forgets to clean the filters. It’s not a problem until it’s a problem. Then you’re either left out in the cold until someone can help, or you’re up for big repair bill.
  3. Your installer only shows you the basics. You run it how you think it should be run and we are all none the wiser.

I’ve been to too many service calls and I’ve had to charge clients too many times for issues that some basic HVAC knowledge could have prevented or rectified.

I had just finished up at a dirty filter call out and driving to my next job when BAM! Lights turn on in that head of mine. What if we could store everything the client needs to know on the cover of their air conditioner? If they had an issue, they scan the code, up pops a helpful app that runs you through the ins and outs of your system, hopefully answering those questions you were about to book a service to call to answer.

We have had a few iterations of the app and it is constantly changing (don’t worry, the QR codes stay the same, we use dynamic codes to ensure you are up to date when you are ready to scan). The app features intuitive buttons to guide you through, helpful video tutorials and lets you book service calls with the push of a button. If you’re lucky you might even qualify for a nice deal for your next service, or go in the draw to win a Smart Thermostat.

We have enabled a ‘Subscribe Now’ feature so we can keep you up to date with energy saving tips, let you know when we are having promotions or just to keep you up to date with whats happening in the HVAC world!

Go ahead and scan away, it’s fun I promise!


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